Hands-off recurring income is the holy grail of making money, and AdSense remains one of the best ways to build this type of income.

Still, lots of people fail to make money with AdSense because of the little things.  Those annoying tasks required to turn a site monetized with AdSense from zero to hero.

Enter CTR Theme -- the WordPress theme that makes building and launching high-profit AdSense sites a breeze.

Annoying Stuff CTR Automates

Let's be honest.  If building sites didn't suck so much, you'd have more of them up and running, earning a nice income from each.  But it does suck -- for most people it's not fun to identify optimal ad placement locations, blend ad colors, find a theme (or build one) that gives prominence to your ads and still looks half-way decent, update CSS files with minor adjustments, etc.  The list of annoying tasks goes on and on.

Those aren't high-value activities.  That's the nuts-and-bolts stuff you have to do to launch a site that earns well, but it takes up time -- time you could be spending building links, writing content, or spending the exorbitant sums of money you're earning from AdSense sites :)

Seriously, there are much better things you could be doing than dealing with this sort of minutia.  CTR Theme automatically:

  • Blends your ads to the theme
    No need to make separate changes to your CSS files and at your Google AdSense account.
  • Implements proven high CTR-generating ad placements
    You don't have to figure out what gets the best CTR -- we've already done it for you!
  • Randomizes ads to avoid "ad blindness"
    This increases CTR even more!
  • Implements fast-loading code / design
    Page load speed is now a factor for SEO rankings. CTR Theme loads lightning fast!
  • Allows you to disable ads for certain referrers
    Trying to get your site approved to Yahoo Directory or DMOZ? Increase your chances of success by disabling ads for directory editors viewing your site -- and STILL make money from the rest of your traffic!