Adsense for Mobile Devices

Do you have a Google Adsense website yet? No?

Are you aware of these statistics about Google Adsense - Over 95% of the webmasters struggle to make money with it! Just Imagine.

Do you often feel like throwing your Adsense ad away because of low CTR?

Are you looking for options to get more clicks on your Ads?

We have a solution to all these questions.. CTR Theme Plus.

CTR Theme Plus is the best Selling Official Adsense Website that helps you to increase click through rate (CTR) on your Ads. It also helps you to increase your Adsense income by 350%!!

You can customize and create your designs in a few clicks. Turn any niche into a winner in a few seconds. No coding, no design skills required to create amazing Ads for your website.

Some of the Google Adsense Features are:

  • Google-Recommended Ad Placements
  • Ad Randomization to Combat Ad Blindness
  • Fully Featured Admin Panel
  • Super Fast Load Times
  • Automatic Ad Hiding (Based on Referrer)
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Google Custom Search Engine
  • Multiple Sub-themes to Choose From

Once you have a Google Adsense website, it becomes necessary also to have it also for Mobile devices.

The latest version of CTR Theme Plus gives the user multiple features that support Mobile Devices:

  • You can enable/disable ads for Mobile devices, as per your convenience. 
  • Ads can be bothersome for most users. So, we give you the option to either enable or disable them. 

Adsense for Mobile Devices : Enable/Disable Mobile Settings

  • It will sense whether the device is a mobile or not and give the user the option to disable ads in case the device is found to be a mobile.
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