Easiest Way To Increase Your AdSense Earnings

Money = Traffic = Money”, though this is a common rule in blogging but when it comes to AdSense advertising, this is not completely accurate. There are so many factors that can affect yourAdSense income. Such as traffic source, Ad type and placement, and most importantlyAdSense CPC. But still in the end it all comes down to website traffic.

The success of your website is directly proportional to its traffic. When you are selling or advertising online, you must know where your customers come from. The study suggests that the search engine plays the most important role by contributing almost 80% to website traffic. This makes you think seriously about optimizing your blog/website for search engines. And why not? If you put on some extra efforts in your SEO, you can easily attract potential customers to your website.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Keyword planning plays the crucial role. The keywords are the compass, which if point rightly to your website, can bring in a lot of traffic. However finding such profitable keywords can be difficult especially if you are trying to do it on your own.

Yes. Keyword research can be a real headache and since it's the first step in your SEO campaign, you have to be very careful. Normally, people use keyword tools to ease the process of keyword research. You can surely rely on popular keyword research tool such as KeywordXP which is known for its accurate keyword selection and especially for its Long-Tail keyword research. You can also find the good titles for your blog articles, do competitor analysis and even see the backlink opportunities for your content which is again very big deal in any SEO campaign.

Success or failure of any online business depends on how well one knows his niche market. Once you understand your target customers, it becomes very easy for you to develop the content and select the appropriate keywords to attract people to your website. And the tools like KeywordXP can always be the horses that drive the cart for your content generation.


CTR Theme Plus Version 4.1 Released

With this release, we have made Blue- sub-theme fully responsive. So now, your readers can view your site comfortably from their tablets and mobile devices.

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CTR Theme Plus Version 4.0 Released

With this release, we have added a new Fully Responsive sub-theme CTR-Modern With Footer Sidebar,Two new widgets - Adsense Widget and Recent Post Widget, Testimonial and Latest News Section

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Applying for an AdSense Account? Here’s a handy checklist

You have a lovely website and you are ready to make money with Google AdSense. But hold on a minute! Before you apply for an AdSense account do you know that Google may not approve it?

Why is that? Prior to applying for an AdSense account, you need to ensure that you have set all the required things with respect to your website.

Here are a few Google Adsense account approval tips that can make your work easier before applying for a Google Adsense account.

  • Original, Relevant, Useful Content

The first thing that Google analyses while approving your AdSense account is content – it needs to be original for sure. Your website content must not be copied from any other site. This not only helps your AdSense but also it helps in search engine ranking.

Also, just having a handful of posts is not enough. Your website needs to have enough material to really qualify as a website where a visitor would want to spend time on. How much is enough ? Google has not specified that – however, I have seen sites get rejected with the reason, not enough content. I would recommend having at least 30-50 posts.

  • Policies clearly articulated

Whenever a visitor comes to your site he/she needs to feel that you have a genuine website. You need to handle that by clearly stating the policies and procedures. This is also taken in to account when your AdSense account is getting approved. Google needs your website to be trustworthy.

Your privacy policy and double-dart cookie policy need to be displayed unambiguously.

  • Create a beautiful design

As it is said, “First impression is the last impression.” A visitor who comes to your site will only last if the website has a lovely design and he feels good on your website. It is good if you make a design that loads faster and looks great so that Google takes a good notice of it.

Apart, from these it is necessary that you read the guidelines from Google for your AdSense approval.

You can use CTRThemePlus for managing your WordPress AdSense site. It is a WordPress AdSense theme that implements Google-Recommended Ad Placements and look-and-feel.