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CTRThemePlus Version 3.8.1 Released

This release fixes the ad layout issues present in the earlier version.

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CTRThemePlus Version 3.8 Released

The following sub-themes are now responsive!


With responsiveness, your readers can view your site comfortably from their tablets and mobile devices.

skyblue-blog powerslider-blog

Lightblue-blog ctr-flexi-blog

How do I access my updated plugin ?
Download the latest version of CTR Theme Plus from Member Area.

How to Upgrade ?
Login to your CPanel.
Go to wp-content/themes.
Delete the existing CTR Theme folder and upload newly downloaded zip folder.
Unzip the folder at same location. And you are done with upgrade.

CTRThemePlus Version 3.7.1 Released

CTRTheme Version 3.7.1 Released ! Its been tested and modified for compatibility with latest WordPress version. Errors and warnings related to deprecated functions have been eliminated.

How do I access my updated plugin ?
Download the latest version of CTR Theme Plus from Member Area.

How to Upgrade ?
Login to your CPanel.
Go to wp-content/themes.
Delete the existing CTR Theme folder and upload newly downloaded zip folder.
Unzip the folder at same location. And you are done with upgrade.

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CTR Theme Plus v(3.7) with new look!

CTRTheme Version 3.7 Released ! CTR Sub-themes look even better and bolder now !

CTR-Box, CTR-Slim, CTR-Thumbnail and CTR-Rich now look richer with the new Color and Font changes introduced.

ctr-box-blog  ctr-thumbnail-blog

ctr-slim-blog  ctr-rich-blog


How do I access my updated plugin ?
Download the latest version of CTR Theme Plus from Member Area.

How to Upgrade ?
Login to your CPanel.
Go to wp-content/themes.
Delete the existing CTR Theme folder and upload newly downloaded zip folder.
Unzip the folder at same location. And you are done with upgrade.

Top 10 Google AdSense Alternatives

You might not be aware about this, but there is a fair deal of chance that one fine morning you will receive an email from Google AdSense, reading something like this “Your Google AdSense account has temporarily/ permanently been disabled/banned.” This email might spoil the taste of your espresso coffee. However your situation will become similar to many other marketers who receive such mails.

The reason for this can be either you did not abide by any of Google’s list of TOS or violated one or more of their rules. Therefore the main focus of this article is to encourage you to not to give up, but to find out about several other alternatives to Google ad-sense which will perfectly suit your requirements.

1. Chitika

Chitika - An alternative to Google AdSense

It is a quite well known ad network amongst the host of other ad networks present in the online world. There some pros and cons mentioned below which might help you to find out if this is the right network for you.

Pros -

  • You get to choose from different sizes of ads and configure the colors of title, text, borders and links etc, so that they fit well with the color scheme of your website
  • Ad units display images which entice the visitor to pay attention to and click on maximum ads
  • You get the ability to track number of clicks by visitors which helps you to estimate your income from ad sales

Cons -

  • The program is intended for search engine traffic hence making it some what inefficient for the websites or blogs which get less traffic from search engines
  • It might take little longer to get your profile confirmed at ‘Chitika’

2. Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds - Google AdSense Alternative

This network has soon become one of the most popular alternative network for Google Ad-sense. It is kind of a marketplace where publishers who would like to show ads on their websites can list them down and the advertisers can directly buy the advertisement space, if approved by the publisher.

Pros -

  • One doesn’t need to search for publishers who are willing to show advertisements on their websites
  • You do not get payment reminders from sites displaying your ads and the worry of ads not shown after money is paid is also taken care of
  • There are all kinds of payment options available making it more convenient for different countries

Cons -

  • Since the price is fixed before hand, one cannot negotiate the prices, this way you might loose some money that could have been saved by negotiating prices
  • Buy sell ads takes time to transfer payments, so you are required to wait for sometime before you see the money coming into your pay pal account
  • Buy-sell ads takes a 25% commission, hence it is not very profitable to use since you can make more money by easily selling ad space on blogs and websites directly

3. - Google AdSense Alternative

It is an online contextual ads program in partnership with yahoo. It basically helps web publishers to earn good advertising revenue by displaying ads on yahoo network websites. This is a fast growing ad-sense network promising publishers and advertisers a better advertising solution.

Pros -

  • Good and attentive technical support
  • The ads have various theme options that can be customized to look different from other conventional advertisements, however still going along with the theme of your website
  • There are some reviews also suggesting that is able to achieve higher revenues

Cons -

  • The site may load slower after running the ads

4. Kontera

kontera - A Google AdSense Alternative

It is on of the popular text-link advertising program where ads appear as text links with in the existing content of your blog. The ads are place in a way that compliments the content of the blog or website, hence displaying only relevant ads.

Pros –

  • With Kontera you won’t need to worry about making space on your website as they are placed only on the texts
  • The ads are easy to set up and helps in earning money through your existing traffic
  • Kontera can be used for websites and blogs and also for other writing platforms such as Hubpages, to help earn extra money

Cons -

  • Kontera only begins the payout after you have reached min of $100 mark which might take 3 to 4 months
  • Kontera does not permit displaying pop-up ads which distract visitors and hence loosing their interest in reading, therefore several marketers think twice before running advertisements here

5. Clicksor

Clicksor - A Google AdSense Alternative

It is a very well known advertising network from many years and a good substitute for Google ad-sense as well. They support various kinds of advertising formats such as CPV, CPC,CPM, and CPI ads.

Pros -

  • They provide choices of wide variety of ad formats
  • The minimum payout threshold is only $50
  • They offer good CPM rates for US, UK, Canada and Australia

Cons -

  • The earnings of Asian as well as low traffic websites is not great as compared to the earnings by websites of western countries
  • They also bear some negative reviews with regards to malware ads and redirection

6. Infolinks

InforLinks  - In-Text Advertising

It is another advertising network which has become quiet popular in resent times. It is similar to Kontera that specializes in in-text advertisements. Text ads are placed in certain keywords of blog/ website which show ads according to relevancy.

Pros -

  • It is easier to join this ad network as compared to Google ad-sense. You can make good money if you have great content on your website
  • It can get easily integrated with your website and there is no need for separate space for the advertisements to appear
  • Marketers using infolinks tend to get very good click through rates. It becomes a win-win situation for website owners, blogger’s and marketers

Cons -

  • If your website gets a lot of traffic from other countries than US, Canada or Britain, then infolink might not pay you great money
  • Make sure to get a lot of traffic on your website as the cost per click is low
  • In-text advertisements displayed by infolinks might slow your website down

7. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media - Google AdSense Alternative

Similar to Infolink ad networks, vibrant media also uses the in-text advertisement displays. It has two kinds of revenue streams i.e in image ads (Integrates ads within images) and display ads which works on CPM model. The various pros and cons are as below

Pros -

  • Vibrant media is one of the most qualitative and supportive ad network for your professional blog
  • Every client gets a personal account manager
  • Their response is mostly positive and they also have connections to some premium advertisers

Cons -

  • Your website needs minimum 5 million page impressions per month to get a positive response from Vibrant Media
  • Your primary language should only be English
  • You may also need a referrer to be able to get associated quickly with this advertising network

8. CPX Interactive

CPX interactive - Google AdSense Alternative

It is one of the better ad networks that has a wide range of advertisement sizes available. It attracts a lot of advertisers and publishers since it has easier terms and conditions to join as compared to other ad-networks.

Pros -

  • It can deliver cost effective online advert campaigns for you, while still generating a strong return on investment
  • It generously accepts publishers from 66 countries
  • It provides good CPM rates for US and European traffic

Cons -

  • It takes a minimum of 2 Weeks for the approval for your joining request
  • It requires a high level domain

9. Technorati Media

Technorati - Another Google AdSense Alternative

This advertising network is promptly helping a lot of publishers and advertisers since the time of inception in 2008. They are well known for having good variety of CPM ads that are suitable for most niche clients.

Pros -

  • Gives a prompt response to your joining request
  • Provides good CPM rates, sometimes even for niche websites having low traffic
  • Well known to have smooth and trouble free operations

Cons -

  • The variety of ad formats are not very huge, but enough to get the work done

10. Exit Junction

A Google AdSense Alternative

This ad network is specially dedicated only to the traffic where visitors press back button. Exit Junction comes into force when vistor presses the back button from your website. This is a good way to monetize from the bounced traffic of your website.

Pros -

  • It will never appear on your website and will not take any space for displaying ads
  • The ads works only if user visits the website from a search engine
  • It is an Ideal way to monetize from the bounced traffic

Cons -

  • It does not work if the user visits a website from the browser directly
  • The ads are completely based on the search queries, hence will work only in sync with the search engines

We hope this article helps to provide you an insight about some of the leaders in ad-sense network industry. You can use it as a guide to take an informed advertising decision. We wish you all the best in your quest to earn great profits through these networks.

How to Generate Passive Income using Google AdSense

passive- income-google-adsenseIf you want to earn easy money by displaying targeted Google ads on your websites, Google AdSense is the best possible way. It is free, thus making it popular to generate passive income and is simple as well. Big or small, website ventures of any size can earn money by using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is quite easy to get started with. Here is how Adsense Works. You have to start by making your ad space available to advertisers and specify where will these ads to come into view. This way, you get to set the budget for advertisers.

Here are some Google Adsense tips and do’s and don’ts to get started that will help you improve your knowledge and your earnings with Google’s ad program.

This will make your website more profitable for users and yourself. If you want to maximize your profits, you need to provide new and quality information about something that the general public will be searching. Or else you can also make a niche blog site. The site which you create should have a lot of interesting content which will attract readers and viewers. This will also attract advertisers to your site.

Also make sure that your ads on the website are visible at first glance. Avoid placing them at the bottom corners or in small spaces. Ads that are higher on the site page will get clicked more often, helping you generate more income.

Update your site on a regular basis. If you create a site and leave it out of sight for a long period, your traffic may drop significantly. Thus, your amount of clicks and pay will drop as well. Keep adding more information that will gather a crowd.

Fashion your ads that best balance your site. The optimal sizes for ads are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper. Be sure to fit the ads in a way that is visually appealing.

A site with more content will make more money. Thus, with the use of AdSense, you have to create the best blog or a content page with a maximum word count. There are various free reprint article directories, from where you can pick up articles and introduce them on your page. These directories are an incredible supply of brand new content for your website, and easy to insert. You can build up a huge targeted content based web page by adding just a few articles per week. Use of graphics and templates for designing purpose can attract more visitors to the website.

Google looks after your billing advertisers and ad-networks. They further ensure that you get paid through their trustworthy payment options. You can also block or delete the unwanted advertisers that approach you. With AdSense, you can link back to your Google Search, so that when a publisher or a company carries out a search, you are able to see the search- related ads.

Advantages of using Google AdSense:

  • The Adverts will have to be related to your content

  • When every advert is clicked on by someone, you make instant money

  • Customization options like ad sizes and colors

  • Completely free to get started with. You can generate reasonable content and make sure that you leave the resource boxes hyperlinked and intact.

Disadvantages of using Google AdSense:

  • You cannot stop or prevent a category from showing. This can be done only for specific websites

  • There are many click frauds out there. Do not get involved in those as, if Google identifies you as a perpetrator, Google will never be usable by you again. You may get blocked.

CTR Theme Partnered with WPEKa Club

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How Does an AdSense Network work ?

Ad networks over the internet have helped millions of people in securing a regular passive income. Google AdSense is the world’s largest online ad network and a free and great program for earning online through advertisements. However, there are a couple of guidelines that your site must follow in order to be eligible for the AdSense program.

What is an AdSense program?

An AdSense program is an online ad placement program based on per-click or per-impression basis. Advertisers and publishers make an AdSense Setup work. It allows relevant ads to be published on the publishers’ sites. In this manner a publisher’s site earns clicks for an advertiser. Publishers can choose to be paid for each click that their sites’ earn or they can alternatively charge for each million impressions of the advertisements. Pay-per-click model is the more popular choice with the advertisers.

How are the ads placed?

Advertisers bid for an ad slot. This auction happens real time. The ad slot is allocated to the highest bidder. Such a bidding scheme ensures that a publisher gets the best price for his ad slots.

How does an AdSense program work?

Advertisers and publishers sign up for the AdSense program.
The AdSense program conducts real time auctions for the ad placements. The highest bidding advertiser wins the slot.
Once an ad is placed through the AdSense program, the publisher will get paid in accordance with the agreed upon payment model.
The AdSense program is responsible for keeping track of the clicks or impressions and for billing the advertisers. Generally a publisher may withdraw after his earnings are more or at least equal to the minimum payout amount agreed upon by the AdSense program.
The success of an AdSense program depends highly upon the traffic at the publishing sites.
Affiliate marketing is the biggest competition to such an ad system.If you are an affiliate then you already know.


Useful tips:

Target -

This tip may be employed at a rather premature stage. Perhaps when you sit planning about a new site. Targeting is the key. Pick a niche for each site. Write about one topic. Cover every detail. Sticking to this alone serves two purposes. Your site will not be cluttered. Your visitors will get great relevant content without any distraction of any sorts. While placing advertisements, Google too will not be confused about the content that you have, placement of ads will be easy. The site becomes more profitable naturally.

Look for topics that are searched for -

This is very significant. Unless a topic is in demand, advertisers will not shell out money on advertising? Target topics that have decent demands.

Wait till there is a respectable traffic -

There is absolutely no sense in adding the AdSense code if you have a monthly average of 100 visitors. Create a site. Add relevant content. Keep patience and earn a respectable audience. Any efforts earlier than this will be futile. Think long term. Invest time and patience. A program like Google AdSense can return highly if run properly.

Place ads sensibly -

Avoid placing ads next to images. You significantly reduce the propensity of clicks with such distracting placements. Try to place ads in the top sections of your site. It has been observed that ads placed in the top sections of a site often get more clicks. Thereby increasing your profits. Try to allocate slots of popular dimensions. However you must take care to see that this does not affect the visual appeal of your site. Do not compromise with your sight’s comfortable layout to force these slots. For placing ads smartly on your website (Rotation placement of Ads) I would recommend the use of CTR theme.

Stay away from practices like:

Clicking on your own ads -

A program as sophisticated as Google AdSense will not take much time in detecting issues like these. Indulging in practices like clicking on your own sites or asking friends and friends of friends to do the same could cost you your AdSense account. You may also be removed from Google search and this is certainly not what you set an AdSense account for.

Don’t prompt people to click on the advertisements -

Don’t try to prompt your visitors to click on the advertisements by any means. This practice will not be tolerated by Google.

Do not disclose the amount that you charged for a click -

Google strictly advises against sharing the amount earned/charged for a click. Do not share your earning statistics from AdSense with anyone.

You can’t hide from Google -

Do not fall prey to tactics like cloaking. You may feel that you can add an ad and then change the color to match it with the background, thereby making it invisible. Now each time your page loads, an impression is counted. Your AdSense account will be immediately suspended as soon as this comes in notice of Google. AdSense is a very smart tool to even try to cheat.

There are many special themes, templates, tools, plugins and add-on available in the market which you can use on your website. I use CTR theme on my own website. If you wish to use the it then buy from  here.

Steps to Setup and Adsense Account:

Step 1:

Log in using your gmail account.


Step 2:

Here you will be asked for your website details ( url of website where you would like to display ads )


Step 3: Fill in your basic details to submit the application.

Fill in your  basic details to submit the application. Here the application is reviewed by Google. Once approved, you can work on your AdSense dashboard.



Step 4:

Start with naming your ad.
The ad size field allows you to choose from multiple size options. Since wide ads perform better, several wider sizes are available to choose from.
The ad types field specifies the type of the ad – whether an ad is a text ad or a display ad or a text and display ad.
In the backup ads field, you can select an ad that will be shown when Google does not have any other ad to show in the slot. Instead of keeping the slots empty, you may want to add ads about your own site here for branding purposes.
Custom Channels allow a user to group ad units on the basis of their size or location. Custom channels allow better performance tracking



Step 5:

Ad styles offer various customization options for the ad units. There is an option to preview the ad unit in the right corner. You can view how your ad unit is turning out.



Step 6:

Once you are happy with your ad unit, you have an option to save it or save and get a code generated for it.
Finally you can add this HTML code to your web page



will prompt you to ad the URL for the primary site where you would like to publish advertisements.