How to Generate Passive Income using Google AdSense

passive- income-google-adsenseIf you want to earn easy money by displaying targeted Google ads on your websites, Google AdSense is the best possible way. It is free, thus making it popular to generate passive income and is simple as well. Big or small, website ventures of any size can earn money by using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is quite easy to get started with. Here is how Adsense Works. You have to start by making your ad space available to advertisers and specify where will these ads to come into view. This way, you get to set the budget for advertisers.

Here are some Google Adsense tips and do’s and don’ts to get started that will help you improve your knowledge and your earnings with Google’s ad program.

This will make your website more profitable for users and yourself. If you want to maximize your profits, you need to provide new and quality information about something that the general public will be searching. Or else you can also make a niche blog site. The site which you create should have a lot of interesting content which will attract readers and viewers. This will also attract advertisers to your site.

Also make sure that your ads on the website are visible at first glance. Avoid placing them at the bottom corners or in small spaces. Ads that are higher on the site page will get clicked more often, helping you generate more income.

Update your site on a regular basis. If you create a site and leave it out of sight for a long period, your traffic may drop significantly. Thus, your amount of clicks and pay will drop as well. Keep adding more information that will gather a crowd.

Fashion your ads that best balance your site. The optimal sizes for ads are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, and the 160×600 wide skyscraper. Be sure to fit the ads in a way that is visually appealing.

A site with more content will make more money. Thus, with the use of AdSense, you have to create the best blog or a content page with a maximum word count. There are various free reprint article directories, from where you can pick up articles and introduce them on your page. These directories are an incredible supply of brand new content for your website, and easy to insert. You can build up a huge targeted content based web page by adding just a few articles per week. Use of graphics and templates for designing purpose can attract more visitors to the website.

Google looks after your billing advertisers and ad-networks. They further ensure that you get paid through their trustworthy payment options. You can also block or delete the unwanted advertisers that approach you. With AdSense, you can link back to your Google Search, so that when a publisher or a company carries out a search, you are able to see the search- related ads.

Advantages of using Google AdSense:

  • The Adverts will have to be related to your content

  • When every advert is clicked on by someone, you make instant money

  • Customization options like ad sizes and colors

  • Completely free to get started with. You can generate reasonable content and make sure that you leave the resource boxes hyperlinked and intact.

Disadvantages of using Google AdSense:

  • You cannot stop or prevent a category from showing. This can be done only for specific websites

  • There are many click frauds out there. Do not get involved in those as, if Google identifies you as a perpetrator, Google will never be usable by you again. You may get blocked.

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