Making Money with AdSense is more about Commonsense

Though there are many alternatives to Google AdSense, it is probably the most popular web advertising tool used by millions of website owners. However, making money through AdSense program is not as easy as some of us would imagine. There are numerous reasons why an AdSense program is likely to succeed or fail.

Tips to make money through AdSense

To make money from AdSense one must understand the web advertising tool in its entirety. Many web property owners believe that their work is over once they join Google AdSense program and the money would automatically pour in. In practice one has to do a lot more to make money through AdSense. Website owners who publish advertisements using AdSense get paid only when a visitor clicks on these ads. The number of clicks is dependent on the amount of traffic to the website. The key to success, therefore, lies in generating traffic to the target website. Sites with poor visitor count should not expect making lots of money with AdSense.

Google AdSense places contextual advertisements

Many generic sites regurgitating information already available on the internet are unlikely to make money with AdSense. Google places contextual ads on a web page which attract specific targeted visitors. It is essential for web owners to create niche sites with unique content if one wants to make money through AdSense.

How to quickly setup AdSense websites with WordPress

The strategy to create niche websites quickly is to use WordPress themes. WordPress is extremely popular among both professional website owners as well as bloggers. Making money with AdSense becomes easier with ready to use WordPress themes which are specifically created to enable monetization of websites using AdSense.

WordPress sites based on AdSense themes have several advantages. These themes often lead to improved CTR or Click Through rate which in turn accelerates the amount of money earned through AdSense. These themes suggest Google recommended ad placements which attract more clicks. Through the use of an easy to use admin panel, one can easily decide placement of ads. Randomization of advertisements, multiple sub themes and automatic hiding of ads are some features which enhance the probability of visitors clicking on the AdSense Ads.

What are the alternatives to AdSense?

There are many vendors who offer web advertising tools. Microsoft AdCenter is another cool web advertising tool. Many web property owners are using Chitika, Clicksor or AdBrite for monetizing their website.


AdSense is a fantastic tool to make money but one must keep a few important points in mind before signing in for AdSense program. A prerequisite is that there must be sufficient traffic to a website. Since AdSense relies on clicks for success one must ensure that the ad placements are perfect. Moreover one must constantly strive to improve the CTR or Click through Ratio.
Using readily available WordPress themes which are based on AdSense makes good sense. These themes facilitate placement of ads to maximize clicks. Ultimately it’s these clicks which will decide whether you are successful at making money with AdSense.

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