How to Overcome Ad blindness?

Most companies are facing a major crisis these days. When was the last time you actually liked an Ad while browsing through a page? I liked a Google ad the last time and after and before that all I did was cancel those Ads. I find them damn intrusive! But from a marketing perspective, these Ads are pure gold. I have done my research bit and found that Forbes stated that it got 20% of its revenue from advertisements!!! But not everyone has these experiences.. Some people predict a downfall in their product’s revenue due to the major losses faced by their Ad campaigns!

Is Ad blindness killing the Advertising industry?

What is Ad blindness?

Website visitors intentionally or unintentionally ignore a digital advertisement which has turned into a major concern among advertisers. A strategy needs to be adapted to make sure that they capture customer's attention and if they succeed in overcoming ad blindness then, it will definitely improve ad engagement and brand awareness. where consumers consciously or unconsciously ignore digital advertising – is a significant concern among advertisers.
Keeping these things in mind, here are 5 to-dos for advertisers to make sure their Ads are well received and not ignored:

Get New Formats

The normal standard display advertisements are usually suffering from low CTRs but that doesn't limit all the formats. If an Ad is rich in media and videos, it has higher CTR than the usual ones. Interactiveness is a vital factor for improvement in user engagement. There should be an alignment between the Ad format with their set goals. Make sure that your Ads are innovative, no-intrusive and extremely interactive to fetch you higher CTRs.

Emphasize on Placement

Believe it or not, the Ad placement is one of the most crucial points that make a difference in user engagement. Most users surf the screen in an F shape which means that Ads if placed at the top and left of the screen have higher chances of getting noticed. The alternative formats like skins can take over these areas of the screen and can make the most of the user behavior.  All the advertisers are after having their Ads on the home page but they forget that visitors arrive from the various landing pages due to which Ads on these pages are equally important to the home page Ads.

Interact, don't Invade!

Most advertisers feel that the bigger the Ad, the better it is for improvement in interaction rates. But, Ad sizes have to be balanced keeping in mind the audience experience. Formats that can successfully interact with the user and entice them into a perfect Ad experience should be adapted. You don't have to be intrusive to get users to view your Ad.

Give the Users a Native Experience

Any digital ad is more effective when it relates to the content displayed on the website. Standard Ads across all sites will never prove to be as effective as native Ads. Advertisers should give the users tailor-made ads to get more user engagement. You should pull your creative strings together and give the user appropriate versions as per the individual environments.

Prefer Rank Importance over Reach

In most cases low CTR comes from the fact that the viewers are being offered pointless ads. As the advertisers have access to a wealth of information like location, demographic, they can use it to send extremely personalized and relevant Ads. The media plan that you prepare should include long tail inventory (to publish niche Ads).

I agree that the innovativeness of the display banner has faded over time but the display Ads ecosystem is ever growing. Be innovative and keep optimizing on-page placement, be as non-intrusive as possible to make Ad blindness a thing of the past.

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