How to Show Ads on WordPress AMP pages with CTR Theme

If you are using CTR Theme, you might know that recently we released the AMP addon for it. WordPress AMP pages will accelerate you WP website by hugely reducing the page load time.

Well, if you don't know about what AMP is, then you should definitely read this article. Apart from explaining what AMP is and how it works, I'll also explain how to use the AMP Addon plugin with CTR Theme.

So, let's start.

What is AMP

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages which is developed by Google to basically reduce the loading time of sites on mobiles.

According to Google, AMP is -

"AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. AMP in action consists of three different parts:

AMP HTML is HTML with some restrictions for reliable performance and some extensions for building rich content beyond basic HTML. The AMP JS library ensures the fast rendering of AMP HTML pages. The Google AMP Cache can be used to serve cached AMP HTML pages."

You don't need to go into the details of JS library and Caching, etc.. All you need to understand is that it is a way to load web pages faster on mobile devices.

How to enable AMP on WordPress

In order to enable AMP pages on your WordPress site, you need to install the AMP plugin.


This plugin is being developed by Automattic itself with the help of Google. You need to install the plugin in the Admin area and you are done.

You also need to validate your AMP pages. And you can learn how to validate your AMP pages here.

Now, that you've installed the AMP plugin to your CTR Theme, you will have AMP pages of your site. Now, you need to know how to display AdSense Ads there.

How to display Ads on AMP pages

The first step is to get the AMP Addon which is specially designed for CTR Theme Plus.

Once you've installed the Addon, a new section will be added to your CTR Theme dashboard.

ctrtheme with amp addon

Once, you click on the AMP Settings, you will see the below screen.

ctrtheme amp addon options

As, you can see you can add 2 AMP ads using this addon - above content and below content.

Let's set a demo ad for you to understand how it works.

ctrtheme amp addon ad codes

Now, we have added demo ad codes to it. Let's see how it actually looks.

amp ads demo

Well, if you are able to see ads on your WordPress AMP pages, you have successfully setup the plugin and addon.

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