What to Consider While Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Google AdSense Site

Which Google AdSense WordPress Theme

Are you passionate about your website and are contemplating making it your source of passive income? Your first thought is to probably consider making money through Google AdSense and you are not alone.
If you own a WordPress site, here are a few important things you need to bear in mind while choosing a good AdSense theme for your WordPress site.

An attractive as well as AdSense optimized WordPress theme will allow your website to get easy approval and earn more compared to it's peers.

1. Recommended Placements
There are certain ad positions which attract more visitors than the others. It is important to consider the ad placements which will make the most from Google AdSense. Which one do you think will work better – an ad getting displayed at a single slot or the ad getting displayed at the different positions based on its performance? Obviously the latter. While choosing a good AdSense theme, you should definitely check whether it includes this feature or not.

2. Ad Rotation to Minimize Ad Blindness
With ad randomization every time your site receives a visitor, the ad placement will be different - this process also reduces ad blindness and helps in boosting the website's CTR.
Ad rotation also allows you to undertake A/B testing for your ads. By following this method you can also understand the positions which work best for your WordPress website.

3. Fast Loading Time
The faster the loading time of your AdSense website, the lower is the visitor bounce rate. Site load time is now considered an important factor for a site's ranking by Google. It is imperative to choose a WordPress theme that is optimized for performance.

4. Social Networking Integration
Everyone is trying to get the best out of social networking as it allows easy and comprehensive reach of prospective traffic. It is important for you to check whether the WordPress theme you are choosing will allow you to integrate your social networking pages with your website.

5. Subthemes to Choose
Do you have more than one niche content site with which you are trying to increase your income from Google AdSense? In such a case, you should look for a WordPress theme which will have multiple subthemes to choose from. With different subthemes, all your sites will look unique and will be more effective in increasing CTR and thereby your income.

6. Responsive Design
More and more people are ditching their PCs and Laptops and using their Smartphones to browse the Web. So it would be prudent to look for a WordPress theme which will optimize your AdSense ads to look equally attractive in your mobile devices and tablets as in your computers. Otherwise, you will completely miss the opportunity of targeting a large segment of your prospective visitors who use mobile devices.

Stick to the above mentioned points and implement them to see a regular flow of visitors to your site. CTR Theme Plus is a premium WordPress theme for Google AdSense that includes all these features to help you reap ultimate benefits from AdSense. No wonder it is considered one of the Best Adsense Themes around.

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